Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trip to the Beach

Finally!  We made it to Port Aransas Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.  We drove to the ferry (free, can't believe it!) and quickly were taken across to this great little beach town.

We went to I.B. Magee Park, which allows leashed dogs on the beach and you can drive on the sand.  (Very cool, but we got stuck in New Smyrna Beach on the sand, so we're hesitant.)

It was Carmen's first trip to the beach and she was curious, but frightened, of the surf as the video below will show.  Walked for a good half hour from the inlet to the fishing pier and back.  Had to be careful of Jelly Fish occasionally, but a great walk.

We were still in search of our "Toni and Joe's" from New Smyrna Beach, but no luck.  We did, however, find the Port Aransas Brewing Company, which had a great blonde ale on the menu and allowed us to sit outside on their patio with the pups.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RV'ers of a Feather.....

We've always noticed on all of our cruises that by day 2, we tend to see the same people in the same places we are.  That people of the same likes/dislikes tend to gravitate towards each other.

Such is the case in RV'ing.  Stay somewhere long enough, and sure enough, you'll start finding people of like interests.  Last night was no exception.

After getting the calendar and newsletter for the SeaBreeze RV Park, we noticed there was a social hour at 4p in the main hall.  We got there about 3:50p, stayed till about 4:10p and no one showed.  We're putting on our coats and see another couple with a cooler and a wine glass heading our way, so we stayed.  Turns out they had just gotten the calendar/newsletter and it was their first time at the social, too.

We stayed until almost 8p and had a fabulous time comparing our similarities that were many.  Small world, and we're not the only ones doing what we're doing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Off to the Coast!

With all the tearing down to get the rig fixed, and cold, rainy weather forecast for Friday, we decided to roll a day early (actually our original plan) and head out from the Dallas Arlington KOA.

Pretty uneventful ride except for bumper to bumper traffic in Austin. Carmen and Sloopy are terrific to travel with, just curl up on the back seat and "let us know when it's time to get up."

Got about 5 hours down I-35 to a little north of San Antonio, where we'll stay in a Wal Mart overnight.  Up tomorrow, and our new home for six months:  Sea Breeze RV Resort.