Monday, June 16, 2014

It was either the tests or laughing too hard....

Just had a memorable weekend.

On Thursday, Connie got X-rays on the hole in her lung (pneumo thorax) then Friday met with the Pulmonary Doctor.  We both thought it was odd that she did a breathing test, where you exhale as hard as you can, inhale large, then exhale hard again.  She probably did that 5-6 repetitions.

Doctor said she still had a small hole, but we wouldn't need to see him for a month unless she started having pains at which point we were to call 9-1-1 immediately.  Disappointed that the lung wasn't fully healed, but with him saying see you in a month, we could tell his lack of concern.

We went over to our friends Don and April in Russell Township (Geauga Co.) for dinner and a sleepover before going to head to Bethany and James' house for her birthday celebration on Saturday.  We've known the Green's for 30 years, Don was the head football coach where I got my first Band Director job in Jamestown, Ohio.  Been friends ever since.

After a few beverages, we started going over stories, remembering this, remembering that, correcting each other on what we all thought were the facts.  We did a lot of laughing.

About 4a the next morning, Connie sat up and said she was having some pains, but she was going to try and sleep a different way.  About 6:30a, the pain was still there and off we headed for Hillcrest hospital.  Did all the tests, X-Rays, Cat Scans, etc. and, though the hole was still there, it wasn't any different from the scans on Thursday.  After ruling everything out, and the pain subsiding, they released her from the E.R.  She was allowed to go to Bethany's as long as she didn't do anything.

We went back to Don and April's (who were watching the girls along with their 3 cockers), gathered up everything, and headed to Fairview Park (OH) where Bethany and James live.  Had another great time there, Connie's Dad and his friend surprised Bethany by driving up from Wilmington (OH).

We met lots of Bethany and James' friends and co-workers, even reconnected with one of Bethany's childhood friends from Ashtabula.  Carmen and Sloopy even met some new friends.  The morning took its toll and we retired earlier than others.

Sunday (Father's Day), Bethany and James took his Dad and I to Springvale Golf Course for 18 holes of fun and laughter while Connie and James' Mom stayed back at their house.  Perfect weather, great fun, and a nice course.  I really enjoyed it.

After another terrific dinner, we gathered up our stuff and the girls and headed back home to Ashtabula.  A memorable weekend in our rear view mirror.

Monday, June 2, 2014

And the blog turns back to medical updates

Been a while since we posted.  Really hasn't been much to update.  Until today.

At about 1:15p today (Monday, June the 2nd) Connie started having pretty severe pain around her left shoulder and difficulty breathing.  Brought her to the ER here in Ashtabula.

She had blood work taken and the ER doctor ordered a chest X-ray (which was done in the room) and she got a CT scan of her chest.

Her breathing improved with oxygen, but pain is still an issue.

After a couple of hours we got doctor talk.  Cancer has created small hole in left lung and it basically was leaking.  Going to keep her overnight (at least) for observation to see if it heals.  Normal healthy lungs would heal itself as the hole is small.  Because that's not the case is the reason for being vigilant.

Will use the blog to keep everyone updated.  Thanks for your prayers.