Wednesday, August 28, 2013

20 days in one post

Sorry for being absent for so long.  I've mentioned before how I have to drag myself to write.  I wish I enjoyed doing it more.  I read so many blogs that I can tell, these people enjoy writing.  Never been me.  Not something I can "learn" to do, but I'm trying.

Connie's treatment on the 9th went, according to people who know, very well.  With this radiation surgery, as we found out with the brain radiation in March/April, takes a while to 'see' progress.  The radiation works for literally months as it melts the tumors.  Connie will get more CAT scans, etc. at the end of September.

We took off for a little personal time to visit our friends from Bellevue, OH for her birthday.  Took a day trip to Sandusky on the 13th, then loaded the rig on the Miller Ferry for a trip to probably our favorite place in Ohio:  Put-In-Bay.  It was celebration, but it was also recon to see if next year, we can spend a week out there.

Great times, saw Calabash at the Roundhouse, had a couple of beers on the Boardwalk overlooking 'the balls' where we used to park the boat, and Mustang Sally at the Beer Barrel.

Also, had a wonderful surprise that our good friend from Columbus, Craig, and Dennis and Karen's daughter Ashley, made the trip up.  Such good times with our friends.  We don't do it enough.

Friday, the 16th, we stayed over to Sandusky to watch Wally and the Beavs, another of our favorite 'bands of summer'.  Watching Wally and the Beavs, for me, is like looking into a what could have been mirror had I have decided to play and gig instead of not.  Guys look like they're having a blast, they play well, they play the tunes I would be playing and gigging with had I have chosen that route.

Came back to Ashtabula and met with our friends, Ed & Loretta, from Sea Breeze RV park in Texas.  They're trekking cross country from their home in New Jersey to Seattle to take their great grand son back to school.  Fun showing off our town, just shooting the breeze with friends.

The Wine and Walleye Fest was held last weekend (the 23rd - 25th) and it was so good to see our town alive and Bridge Street, in particular, welcoming so many guests for a weekend.  Said hello to people we hadn't seen in years.  The lighted boat parade was fun to see.  With the advancement of generators, makes that really a neat option.

Started last night hopping back up on a podium and running a rehearsal for an Alumni Band performance at the high school where I taught.  Felt like I never left.

Connie having a treatment this morning, and we both hope it doesn't knock her flat, but to quote Yogi Berra, "we never know until we know."  Always clear the schedule from Wednesday through Sunday.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We've Been Having Some Fun!

Again, it has been a while since we have updated everyone.  Sorry about that, but we have actually been out and about having some fun.  All, of course, mixed in with more appointments.

The MRI and mapping simulation for the Novalis Radiosurgery was done on July 31st.  The actual procedure will be done on Friday, Aug. 9.  This will treat the tumor on the spine and hopefully reduce the back pain.

Bubba Watson on leaving #16
David Feherty posing for Bob
Thanks to our friend, Rich, we were able to enjoy the Bridgestone Invitational Golf Tournament in person.  I was feeling good and able to get around fairly easy.  It helped that the tournament offered shuttles from the parking lot to whatever hole I desired.  I went Thursday and Friday and really enjoyed it.  Bob took Saturday off and went back on Sunday with our friend, Don.

Another cool happening was that I was reconnected with a high school friend, Joni.  Could not believe it when I saw her facebook post that mentioned she was at Ashtabula Yacht Club!  That's right next door.  Was able to hook up on Monday for a visit.  Hoping for several more this season.

Like I said, we've been busy having fun.  Looking forward to our Put-in-Bay trip next week!