Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Medical Update

Been a while, so we thought we should update everyone on the latest medical info.

I've had several scans/MRIs since we left Ohio.  The chest/abdominal scan in August had some differences, so they wanted to get another look in October.  That was our first order of business here in Texas.  Due to some communication breakdowns or un organization, we did not get those results until today's visit.  Can't tell you how frustrated we both were.

I was also due for follow up Brain and Spine MRIs.  Finally was able to get those scheduled before today's appointment.

The doctor here wanted to check how the heart is handling the treatment, so I had an echo done last week.  Results show the heart is doing well.  Love getting good news!

The other results are not so clear.

The chest/ab scan shows mixed response to treatment.  The larger masses have diminished in size, but the overall number of metastases have increased.

The brain appears to be stable.  (Insert joke here.)

The spine still has signs of disease with no changes to note at this time.

So,  with all that, the doctor is recommending that we stick with the current treatment plan and retake the scans again in February to see how things are going.

Now, time to get ready to relax for the holidays.  Merry Christmas!