Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Long Day in Corpus

Connie had MRI's on her brain and spine this morning.  We will get those results back on Monday when we meet with the Oncologist.  Dropped her off at 8:30, picked her up at 11:30a

After chowing at Golden Corral, we got in early to her infusion treatment.  Pretty happy because we were stretching the girls crate time.  Had talked about daycare for them, but it was really cold today, so in the house with heater was a better option.

Sat for almost 90 minutes, then realized we were victims of a nursing shift change.  Connie's meds were sitting for about 45 minutes as we sat.  Connie was her normal beautiful self.  I didn't say a word, but brought out the look.  My students know the look.  The nurses there do now.

Got out of there at 4p and home by 5p.  Girls were OK.  Must not of rested much because they had a quick snack then under the covers for some sleep.  (Connie did the same!)

Will blog again with the results from Monday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

And.....we're back

Sorry we haven't posted for a while.  Not for lack of news or Connie updates.  I'm going to give you the cliff notes in reverse order.

Connie's changing treatments as of last Monday (2/3/14), going to a TDM1 treatment which we hope will be as effective, but not have the side effects of the terrible hand-foot syndrome.  Horrible stuff.  She had some nausea and was overall just tired after this past Monday's treatment, but her hands and feet are almost back to being her age, rather than those of a 120 year old.

We returned from a cruise aboard the Carnival Magic with our daughter and Connie's Dad who's staying here through the 11th.  Way too much fun.  Hope you can click this link to see all the pictures.

Our daughter Bethany and our son in law James were here for the week between Christmas and New Year's.  Weather wasn't the best, as it has been currently for Connie's Dad's visit.

Now to the future.  Spent most of the day today coming up with my first draft for our getaway from Texas.  We'll actually leave Copano Bay RV Resort on the 28th of March when our monthly rate is up and head up to Santo, TX for a Heartland Rally.  Back to Copano Bay for a few days while Connie has a treatment on the 9th of April, then heading back to Ohio.  Hoping to be in Ashtabula by April 29th.

Our map is located here.

Will try to be back before another two months elapse.