Sunday, April 29, 2012

Must be how it happens...

We've always noticed on cruises we've been on, by Day 2 or 3, you suddenly realize who has the same tastes as you, likes, etc.

With us, we were heading to a "Social Hour" at SeaBreeze RV Park for the first time in December.  Nobody showed.  Supposed to be at 4p, we were there at 3:45p.  By 4:15p we were leaving.  As we were leaving, we see a couple coming up the walkway.  He had a cooler, she had a wine glass.  "OK, we'll stay."

FOUR HOURS LATER, we're saying goodbye to our new friends Fred and Vickie Porter.

They left Sea Breeze the first of January and moved out to Port Aransas and Gulf Waters RV Park because they didn't have a reservation at SeaBreeze for the January through March season which is their peak.  We went out there, they came in to see us.  The mutual interests just kept us together.

Fast foward to today.  We're in "their house", Dallas, TX, where their only daughter lives, all their friends are, etc.  They pull in to the RV Park, and here we go......

From such humble beginnings must be how RV friends come to know each other, travel together, meet up, etc.  Nobody plans it, nobody expects it.  It just happens.

And we're damn glad it did.


Friday, April 27, 2012

We Make it to Dallas!

Had a very enjoyable couple of days in Waco.  We stayed at the I-35 RV Park, which was perfect for us.  Mostly pull throughs, everyone shows up at 3-4p, and leave by 10a.

We spent Thursday visiting the campus of Baylor University.  They've got some great facilities on campus, their baseball stadium was outstanding and would make many minor league facilities blush.

They're the Baylor 'Bears', and yes, they house their two Bears on campus in a habitat, the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat.  We think Mike the Tiger at LSU has it better, but these two bears have it pretty good and are right in the center of campus.

 Not in the center of campus is their football stadium.  Good thing we had the name of it and a GPS, otherwise, there was NO CHANCE of finding it

Not sure what they'll do now that they have a Hesiman Trophy winner, but they pay tremendous homage to their All Americans.

Too bad their practice facilities look a little shabby -- didn't even have a full sized practice field.  Looked like plenty of parking all around, but was a little disappointed with its location that far off campus and out in ding dong.

Friday was a travel day, and we're in Dallas again (the suburb of Aubrey, north of Dallas and Fort Worth) for a month at the Shady Creek RV Park.  Will try to keep up with the blog while we're here.  First time camping with friends, so we'll see how that goes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Great Day on the Road

After a great weekend at Texas SandFest 2012 and a weekend with Fred and Vickie Porter at Gulf Waters RV Resort, we began our trek north towards Chicago.  It will take three months, but that's another story.

Had tire trouble (again!) outside of Victoria, TX but the downtime wasn't too bad.  We arrived at the Brenham, TX Elks Lodge and settled in.

After a very peaceful night, and chilly (to us!) temperatures in the 50's, we headed to College Station to meet Bob's friend since Nursery School, Kathy Fraser.

Kathy works for TEEX (Texas Engineering Extension Service which is a fascinating training ground for Fire Services, First Responders, Homeland Security, Public Safety & Security and much more.  They have a sensational training facility called "Disaster City", the OSHA Training Institute SW Education Center and the Firefields.  Over 300 acres of state of the art training facilities that were just jaw dropping.

Finally, we visited the campus of Texas A&M University.  Wonderful campus, great combination of old and new, tons of open space to continue to build.  Kyle Stadium was just as I pictured it.  Kathy told us of traditions at the campus (the Aggie Ring, the bonfire, Reveille, etc.) and much more.  We saw members of the Corps of Cadets with their senior boots on, the Memorial of the Bonfire Collapse, and circled campus.

Just a great day on the road.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As close as we've been.....

You can see our YouTube video below of the massive rains we had early Monday morning.  8.5" of rain in 24 hours, which was more than they had here in Portland, TX ALL LAST YEAR!  There also was an F-1 Tornado touch down across town, which is as close as we've been to real danger.
Reality today as our golf course, NorthShore Country Club, is definitely closed today, probably tomorrow and might be open Thursday.  Our last three days here, and they're going to be closed.  Bummed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OK, We're Baaaaack!

I know, I's been awhile.  Thanks for being here for us.

Don't know how people blog every day when they're sitting in the same place.  "We got up, we had breakfast, we worked, we had lunch, we (did/didn't) play golf, we had dinner, we watched TV, we went to bed."   There, you're caught up on the last couple of months.  :-)

Get Away Day is coming this Thursday.  Not a long trip, we're heading out to Port Aransas for Texas SandFest 2012 which looks to be a hoot.

Thanks again for being here, check back often as we'll get this summer of travels underway!