Sunday, March 30, 2014

They Will Tell The Good News Over The Phone......

The "not good news" requires a visit to the office.

On March 24th, I went in for a follow up CT Scan of the chest and pelvic area.  Doctor wanted to see how the new treatment was working.  Was to get the results on April 9th at my scheduled visit.  Blood work was all coming back good, so we were only going to be required to go every 2 weeks instead of every week.  Great since we were getting ready to make a mini road trip to see more of Texas.

Was able to enjoy a nice dinner (March 25) at Moby Dicks in Port Aransas with our Heartland Owners Coastal Bend group.  While there, I received a call from the doctor wanting us to come in the next day.

As we expected, the news was not good.  The cancer has progressed in the lungs (larger and more) and a new area was found on the liver.  The doctor is recommending changing the treatment again to be even more aggressive.

Options are to start the treatment here in TX on April 9th (and stay until June for monitoring ) or head back to OH for the new treatment there.  We chose the second option.

At this time, I am waiting for the doctors in OH to get the information and schedule the necessary visits and treatments.  I will fly back as soon as we have more details from the Cleveland Clinic.  Bob will be heading back solo with the rig.

We will be passing along information as it becomes available.

Thanks again to all our friends and family.  We certainly appreciate all the love , support and prayers!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Setting up to Get Away

Met with Connie's oncologist today.  As has been the case, we got the second best news that the tumor in her brain was stable -- not growing, not decreasing.  Got similar news about the tumor on her spine.
While it's not the best news, it's not the worst news, either.
We also started making arrangements for the transition to going back to Ohio.  The new treatment means she has to have blood work every week.  Not hard while here, but actually easier than you would think when we are on the road.  She is affiliated with Quest and LabCorp and we found each of them along our plotted travels, so no biggie.
We have CT scans scheduled for the chest and abdomen for the last week of March which will be our last set of tests here and the beginning of the baseline for our doctors at the Cleveland Clinic.
Thanks to everyone for their support.  Next entries will hopefully be less medical and more travel.