Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Week is Over!

 Hard to believe how much has gone in this past 10 days.  Being fulltime RV'ers, giving away our "used to be little" girl in a wedding on the other side of the state, entertaining everyone, coordinating everything.
All went off without too much of a hitch, we've now gained a son-in-law and we can get back to a somewhat normal life, albeit with one addition -- we're dog sitting the wedding couple's puppy, Tucker, a puggle.

He's a lovable little guy, but we made the right choice when we decided to fulltime to go with a Boston Terrier.  More on that tomorrow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Really Been a Week?

Hard to believe it's been a week since we last posted.  But then again, it's not.  We've been so busy entertaining, meeting with old friends, etc. hard to find time to do anything.
And now, our daughter is getting married this coming Saturday -- won't get any easier.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We need a Vacation!

Funny how folks think that since we are full-time RVers we are always on vacation.  While we do live a great relaxing life, it is not vacation.  There still is that need to "get away" from the everyday chores and change the scenery.  I know, our outside scenery can change as often as we choose.  Vacation just makes you feel better.

To take the vacation scene a little further, we are actually working whenever we "go on vacation" since we are travel agents.  We need to stay current on the latest innovations each of the cruise lines offer and need to stay up on the best values for excursions and land accommodations.  Hard work, but someone has to do it.

Anyway, as our previous blog stated, we have just been so busy lately.  This is the first time we have come back to "home" since December.  We have been enjoying visiting all our friends and family now that we are back.  It feels like a vacation.  Just getting to take a raft ride on the Ashtabula River and hang out with our boating friends is such a great feeling.

But, now back to reality.  We have a wedding to get ready for in a couple of weeks.   Wait,  there is still time for another raft ride.

Have a great week, we'll see ya down the road......

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too Busy to Blog!

Goodness, it's been a long time.  I've noticed since reading others' posts that when they go back to their previous home, they're just incredibly busy.  Now, we know the feeling.

Got in Monday to Kister's Marina and Campground, set up and off to visit our good friend, Lenny T. for the evening.

Tuesday, after a morning rain shower, we got the raft blown up, put in a slip and Bob headed out for golf for the afternoon with Lenny at Geneva On The Lake Golf Course.  First time out for about two months and it felt great.
Wednesday was a morning doctor visit to the Cleveland Clinic (one of the top four hospitals in the country, only an hour away, worth the drive!), then on to see our daughter and her new dog Tucker.  We met at the Lakewood Dog Park (a great place for dogs to meet and socialize).  Tucker is all boy puppy, and Sloopy is all Terrier.

That evening, we headed to the City Tap in Cleveland, then on to Progressive Field for a night of watching the Cleveland Indians beat the Detroit Tigers with our daughter Bethany, and our soon to be son in law, James.

Thursday was finally a working day, then prep for Bob's 50 year merit badge (a colonoscopy) on Friday morning.

Friday, we finished up all of our Doctor's "things" at the Cleveland Clinic (Connie's a 7.5 year cancer survivor), met with our former Business Development Manager from Carnival Cruises Geoff and his wife Jan.  Capped off with an evening with Lenny and his mother Pat.

Whew!  Tonight (Saturday) we're off to Conneaut Boat Club for their annual Corn Roast, tomorrow our daughter and fiancee' are coming over for a raft ride and spend the afternoon.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cleaning Out the Truck

So it's the day before Tear Down Day (which is the day before Get Away Day), kind of cloudy and overcast here at the Indianapolis KOA.  Perfect day to clean out the inside of the truck.
Been awhile since we vacuumed, put on the Formula 2001, etc.  We're starting to see that all the people here for the weekend are kind of staring.  Think about it.  People come to these parks to get away from the mundane cleaning, etc. that they do at home.  And here are these idiots (us!) that look like they come out for a weekend and clean the inside of their truck.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roof Peaking

Maybe it's just me, (and I hope it's not!) but I find myself watching people as they leave and looking up on their roof.  Here at the Indianapolis KOA, I've stopped people with their antenna up, their DirecTV dish (a big one, too!) up, but the topper was yesterday.
I'm staring across the lot and trying to figure out what this guy has on his roof.  I'd love to know if it's some gadget that I need to have!  I go outside and move to get a better angle.  He comes outside.  I ask him if he's worked on his roof lately that needed a drill driver.  "No," was the reply,"but I haven't been able to find my drill driver for a couple of days."  Sure enough, that's what was up there.  "About 500 miles" was the reply for how long it's been up there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How old is it not cute?

Took a few days off from blogging, will probably catch up today.

For the second time in our stay here at the Indianapolis KOA (and I don't think it's unique to here by any stretch), we've been walking Sloopy and lo and behold, look over there, it's a naked little boy.  The first time got us to thinking, OK, that kid's too old to be out naked, and he was just a toddler.  Yesterday, this kid was at least kindergarten if not older.  And I mean, we're not peeping, this kid is standing out at the picnic table 10 yards from their door!

C'mon!  Maybe a little toddler is cute.  We know it's hot out, but please!  Gird those loins.  Put something on those kids!