Sunday, March 22, 2015

(Well past) Time for another update ....

No posts since January.  <sigh>  I guess I hate writing just to be writing.  Blame my college professors and Sue Terrell.  (If you know who she is, thanks for your friendship for all these years!)

 The Porters and I walked the Harbor Bridge (on the left) in Corpus Christi the first weekend of February.  Was neat to say that you've done.  As slow as we did things, really wasn't that bad.  All told, I've done it.  Don't need to do it again.

Of course, after we finished, we went to North Beach for a celebratory beer.  Yes, I know it was 10:30 in the morning.  I have a problem.

February and so far in March have been incredibly rainy.  We've had more rain this "season" than the previous two years combined.  Last year was a lot of shut in time for cold.  This year has been warmer, but been shut in for rain.

Did get a visit from Bethany and James for a couple of days in early March.  Connie and Vickie were able to take her shopping for Baby Davis while I took James golfing.  On the right is James retrieving his drive on #18.

We've been able to meet with our Heartland friends about once a week for a meal and some good conversation.

This last week of March is when the Winter Texans will start flowing out of the Coastal Bend.  Always seems to happen around this time.  Then they all get home and whine about how cold it is there.  Duh.

We met with Connie's oncologist last week and started mapping out our exit strategy.  She's going to do on more treatment in March (next Tuesday the 24th), another in April (on the 14th) then a final one in Texas tentatively on the 5th of May.  Between the 14th of April and 5th of May she'll do the scans and tests and we'll have those results read on the 5th of May.  Whether or not those show progression of the disease will determine how we proceed.  From a health standpoint, she's been very tolerant of these treatments.  Lose the night of the treatment, but that's about it.  No nausea, her weight has held pretty steady and other than some balance issues, has been going about life great.

Speaking of going about life, we decided to take a last minute cruise on April 5th.  Life's too short.

After we hear what the oncologist has to say on the 5th of May, we'll start figuring out a run to South Dakota (have to spend at least one night there every five years), then on to Ohio.  Want to be loose and free with our plans, at least to South Dakota, so that we can play the volatile weather in the Plains during May.  Do hope to be back in Ohio by the Monday after Memorial Day.

That's about it for now.  Treasure every day and the people you spend it with.