Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall Schedule Back to Texas Finalized

Have gotten pretty settled on our schedule back to Texas.  Leaving a little play at the end in case we want to wander around before settling back at Copano Bay RV Resort in Rockport.

09/01 – 09/02           Caesar Creek
09/02 - 09/03           Lake Cumberland, KY
09/03 – 09/05          Chattanooga, TN
09/05 – 09/08         Atlanta, GA
09/08 – 09/09         Columbus, GA
09/09 – 09/16         Panama City Beach, FL (Music Festival)
09/16 – 10/07         Gulf Shores, AL
10/07 – 10/08         Hattiesburg, MS
10/08 – 10/09         Vicksburg, MS
10/09 – 10/10         Shreveport, LA
10/10 – 10/14         Bullard, TX (Heartland Rally #1)
10/14 – 10/20         Montgomery, TX  (Heartland Rally #2)

10/20         Arrive in Rockport, TX (Copano Bay)
Will try to keep the blog updated on the travels south.  Hope to see some of you along the way!
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Connie gets a 2nd month vacation!

Got the call yesterday from our Ashtabula Doctor, that Connie isn't going to have to be seen until late October and can keep on the same pill regimen for a treatment.  Whoo-hoo!

That means we don't HAVE to be anywhere medical for almost two months!

So we looked at a bunch of different options and have come up with the following itinerary (you can click the links to see where we're staying):

Monday, September 1st:  Leaving Ashtabula and heading to Wilmington
Tuesday, September 2nd:  Leaving Wilmington and heading to Lake Cumberland.
Wednesday, September 3rd:  Leaving Lake Cumberland and heading to Chattanooga
Friday, September 5th:  Leaving Chattanooga and heading to Atlanta
Monday, September 8th:  Leaving Atlanta and heading to Columbus, GA
Tuesday, September 9th:  Leaving Columbus, GA and heading to Panama City Beach, FL
Tuesday, September 16th:  Leaving Panama City Beach and heading to Foley, AL (Gulf Shores).

Its college football season, so we have a "no travel Saturday" rule in effect.  We'll be able to visit with the Ohio State Alumni of Atlanta at their game watch on the 6th for the night game against Virginia Tech.  Stoked about that.

Secondly, we were looking at some of our favorite performers and started seeing "Panama Beach" show up a bunch.  Turns out there's a "Chasing the Sun Music Festival" there starting on Friday the 12th.  Uber cool!  You can read about it by clicking this link.  Going to be a blast!

Connie and I are super excited!  Check back often as we'll be updating along the way.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taking a break.......

No, not from blogging.  We've already done that.  Wow, last post was June 16th?  I'm sure all of you have been concerned.  No need to be, we've just been hanging in Ashtabula.

Connie met with her oncologist today who said that because there's no progression that's concerning him from her most recent scans.  Her treatment today was postponed and he's going to give her a month off from chemo.  We're very happy to say the least.

Which, of course, leads to our exit from Ohio back to Texas.  Dr. Aponte, who we had been seeing since the onset of her diagnosis in 2013, has left Corpus Christi and moved to San Antonio.  She's out.  We had been considering moving to a doctor who had a branch in Rockport, so now he's in.

Right now, we're in the process of sending him all the documents from the Cleveland Clinic so that he can make an informed decision as far as moving forward since he'll be calling the ball.  When to do that is the big question!  Do we travel now to Corpus knowing that we don't have anything here for a month?  Do we wait here until we meet with her Ashtabula Oncologist in a month?

Stay tuned!