Saturday, July 14, 2018

Strawpineade Rum Drink

Here's a recipe for a home made, cool refreshing blender drink.

First, I made a can of frozen lemonade of 64 oz.  I split that off, leaving me 32 oz. of straight lemonade in the blender (which has a max of 80 oz) and 32 oz in reserve for the 2nd batch.

I filled the empty lemonade can with Bacardi's Pineapple Rum and put it into the blender.

Next, I put 5 rings of pineapples plus a smidge of pineapple juice.  (Why 5?  because I had 10 and saved the other 5 for the second batch).

Now, the measurements get a little on your own. I added some frozen strawberries and ice cubes to get up to my max fill line.

Blended that all together and wasn't happy with the samples, so I added half a can (6 oz) of Pineapple Soda for a little fizz.

Perfect.  Enjoy.

Monday, April 23, 2018

BBQ Chicken and Rice Enchiladas

No secret that Connie and I don't "do" hot, spicy foods.  Zero tolerance.  So, we pretty much bastardize every Tex-Mex recipe there is to make them Northern Ohio tolerable.  This is another one.

Preheat the oven to 400.

On the grill, I grilled two good sized boneless chicken breasts.  While I was doing that, I sautéed about half of an onion and some minced garlic in Canola oil in a large sautée pan on the oven top.  All the while, I was microwaving a bag of rice.

When the chicken was finished, I shredded it and added it to the onions/garlic.  Then added the rice.  Then I took some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (I think hickory and brown sugar) and liberally stirred it in to the mix.  I added about 2 Tbl of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.  (There.  There's your heat.)

I only had the big burrito sized tortillas, so they had to do.  I sprayed the bottom of a square baking pan that the burrito sized tortillas would fit in.  Then I added some BBQ sauce.

After letting my rice/chicken/BBQ sauce simmer for awhile, I added it to the middle of the burritos along with some shredded CoJack cheese.  Folded them up tightly and placed them in the baking dish.  Whole thing made a total of four, with a little bit to pour over the top.

I poured BBQ sauce over the top, along with a healthy bit of shredded cheese.  Covered with foil, and baked for about 25 minutes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tear Down List

I see a lot of posts on Facebook wanting a tear down list.

Here's a link to our Word document that we update constantly.  It's personal.  Lots of things (pictures, etc.) that we have up that look "normal" that we have to remind ourselves to make sure we take down.

Hope it helps someone get started making their own list.

Be safe!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Medical Update 2018

Been a while since we have updated the medical information.  When last we left, we were dealing with back pain.  They did confirm that when the kyphoplasty was done, some cement dripped near the spinal nerve.  Doctor prescribed Gabapentin which has helped.

Fast forward to TX.  Dr. ordered a PET scan to check things out.  Unfortunately, it shows progression in the lungs.  Going to have to go back on the heavy chemo (taxatere).  😡

A brain MRI was also ordered.  Again, not good news.  New activity in the previous area with some new activity in additional places.  Meeting with radiation oncologist to go over options.

Not a candidate for radiation as I have had too many doses previously.  Dr. said they typically don't see a patient 3 times for this.

Radiation is a risk, surgery is a risk.  Waiting for more info to determine our next course of action.