Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back from our cruise and updating our migration to Texas post Harvey

We went cruising just as Hurricane Harvey was making landfall in Texas right at our winter home.  It was a real roller coaster, and quite honestly, dampened a bit of our enthusiasm and focus on our cruise.

We still had a great time.  I'll be blogging about it for the business soon at this link.  Connie wore out a few times, but overall her latest treatment with the epidural and Gabupentin have really helped with her pain.

Finished today readjusting our plans for going back to Texas.  Going to push things back about 3 weeks, take a slightly adjusted route (skipping Paducah, KY and Santa Claus, IN) and rolling down to Nashville.  After Nashville, we'll head over to West Memphis and resume our original route.

We'll leave now October 10th from Timber Ridge and hopefully arrive at Pioneer RV Park on October 23rd if they can accommodate us.  If not, we'll find someplace west of Corpus that can until we can get back to Port A.

Here's what our adjusted map looks like:

Here's a link to see the actual sites.

So we'll be here a little longer.  Have a few more fires.  Get the heaters out.  Enjoy Buckeye Football and pumpkin & Oktoberfest beers.  Life is still good.