Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother Nature Still Decides....

When we were boating, the wind and waves ultimately decided whether we'd stay in a certain port or make the run to our homeport of Ashtabula or our next destination.  It's the single biggest reason we're a "landyacht" instead of being liveaboards somewhere which was the original plan 10 some years ago.

So yesterday, we see on the news where they're predicting 'super cells' for Oklahoma City, our next destination yesterday and today (when we're supposed to roll).  They get pounded last night, as we did.  0.75" of rain around 3 a.m. with pea/nickel sized hail and a dog scared of thunder is not a pleasant way to try and sleep.  Nothing like OKC, though with the hail, winds and rain that really slapped them silly.

With the forecast the same today (decent through the day but building to nasty by evening), we'll pass on leaving.  The truck is packed, we're ready, but the Edmond (OK) Elks Lodge will have to wait another day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Thanks......

Today, we're thankful to be living in a country where proud men and women have fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow us the freedoms we enjoy today.

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's not about making's about keeping them

Tuesday will end a chapter for us, as we'll be parked more than 20 miles from Fred and Vickie for the first time since early December.  Strange as it sounds for the two of us who've been on the road since 2010, it's a little hard to imagine.

We've met their family, they've met ours.  We've met their friends, they've met ours.  We've shared meals, drinks, shuffleboard, hearts, euchre, spades and more laughs than should be allowed.   We've each heard each other's 'stories' probably more than once.

Almost everywhere we've been, we've made friends.  Some we keep in close contact with, probably the majority we don't.  One of the things we thought from boating that would carry over would be the relationships that we made at each Boat Club, each port town.  RV'ing is so transient, that it doesn't work nearly as well or as often.  However, we still have to realize we're in our infancy of fulltiming, and many of those boating relationships happened after visiting the same place time after time.

This weekend will be our last for quite awhile, and I'm sure it will be full of more memories.  Then, Tuesday, they'll head East while we head North on Wednesday.
We plan on meeting up again this October, wintering again 'somewhere' in South Texas again.  Between now and then will probably keep in closer contact than any of our other acquaintances along the road to date.

So this long chapter isn't really ending, it's really to be continued later.  So far, though, it's been hard to put down.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day at the Dog Park

Today was a good day to get "the girls" stretched out, so we took them to the Frisco Dog Park, 'where people meet people and dogs have fun'.

Sloopy had the most fun as there were some teens 'trying' to play soccer with her, and she was winning.  The park had a bit of a slope that she could negotiate at a full sprint, that the two leggers couldn't quite handle in the down hill mode.  As you can see, the next few hours were spent "recovering".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

That whole "Jacks" thing.....

Yesterday was another get together with our friends Fred and Vickie.  Just too much fun not to do again and again.

Bob and Fred played golf at the Trails of Frisco Golf Club.  Very nice course, played with an older couple of gentlemen who were wonderful to play with.  Connie stayed back and ran the business then found some time for the pool.

The evening started with us not being able to get our stove lit, so we got an invite for pizza and salad from Fred and Vickie.  Then it was time for playing cards.

While we've been getting better at playing Spades (their game), but last night it was time for another round of Euchre (our game).  Never so much about winning and losing, but rather the fun and tears (from laughing) it provides.  Vickie and Fred still have trouble with "that whole Jack thing", which just provides more laughs from all.

Too much fun.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today, in learning your RV....

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

The other day, we both noticed that there was a small crack up towards the shower head in the line but no leak.  Today, Connie said it was time to get it fixed because "it was like a little boy peeing on me".

So, Bob goes to Lowe's (which is not too far here at Shady Creek RV Park) and gets a new shower hose.  Bob hates plumbing.  HATES.  Always has, probably always will.

As things would have it, as we're screwing the new hose onto the faucet, something inside breaks.  Not good, but highly typical of Bob's plumbing experiences.

We finally get to unscrew the plate that's in the back room behind the shower fixtures.  Everything is so simple.  All plastic, everything  easily hand done.  No problem to unscrew the plates from the flanges, the water supply and off goes the faucet.  Sure enough, the little "thingy" that you pull up to trigger the shower had broken inside.  Off to Camping World we go.

We knew there was one in Denton, TX, which is about 15 miles from here.  Packed up the girls and off we go.  First time we've been in Camping World since they merged with Good Sam Club.  Had a bit of an issue getting that straightened away, but everything went pretty smoothly, and the girls always enjoy their shopping cart ride.

Funny how that 1/2" longer than the original tends to be a problem.  Not real funny, but typical.  Had to do a little working to get the water supply screwed on.  There was the customary "OK, turn it on....OFF, OFF, OFF!" as water is spewing everywhere from a bad connection.  Then again, as we were missing a washer to connect to the shower head.

All in all, about $40, four hours and we learn a little bit more about our RV.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Golf Day

Yesterday was a golf day for Bob and 'the two Freds'.

We played at the Bridges Golf Club, which was a great course in a really odd place.  Just outside of Gunter, TX, a tiny little town about an hour north of Dallas, it looks like it was the start of a community that just never clicked.  Course was terrific, but you had to wind through all these empty streets to get to the clubhouse.  Very odd.

On the way back, we passed Deion Sanders ranch which was immense and, again, in a very odd place -- the fourth corner of a very busy intersection just north of the town of Prosper.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

An eventful night

Last night was just full of events.

Around 8:30p, we heard what sounded like a crash.  It was.  A jackedup pickup truck was in front of another pickup truck and both were about to turn left into the park.  A third car from behind attempted to pass both of them just as first truck turned left.  The fact it was a jackedup pickup probably saved some lives because the car slid under the truck, and didn't hit the driver broadside.  While there were a few injuries, it could have been much, much worse.

Then around 9:00p, little Maddison comes out of Fred and Vickie's rig and says there's something wrong with the television she was watching.  Actually, the National Weather Service had jumped in to alert us of an impending Severe Thunderstorm.  It was supposed to hit us around 9:35p.

While the rain and hail they had predicted went north of us, the winds certainly got howling.  Tree limbs down, power went out, things were strewn about the campground, people went to the clubhouse.

Finally, on the walk home, Bob stepped in a hole and rolled his ankle and scraped his knee.

Again, other than some damage here and there, everything passed without much ado other than a "story".

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pool Party Night!

Last night we spent time with Fred and Vickie saying goodbye to one of their friend's (Fred O.) girlfriend.  Got to see their old house, and had a pool party at the "other Fred's".

What made this even more fun, was that Fred O. has two dogs, his girlfriend Sharla has two dogs, and we had two dogs.  Yep, 6 dogs and 6 adults hanging by the pool.  Our two Bostons were, of course, the live wires but "Baby Dane" was a Rat Terrier that took an immediate liking to Carmen.  "Ellie", the Bichon was like most Bichon's and was 'above' all the other dogs.  "James" and "J.T." were two labs that would just hang on the other side of the pool, in the shade, until the Terriers all got riled then they'd come jogging over like hired protection for "Baby Dane".  Terrific to watch the pack function.

Great snacks, dinner and company.  Was nice to "get out" and see Fred and Vickie's old stomping grounds.