Sunday, September 13, 2015

I would say not much has gone on since our last post .....

But that would be a lie.

6 days after our last post (June 20, 2015), Kingsley Marie Davis, entered everyone's lives.  It's been a whirlwind, and hard to believe almost 3 months have passed since that day.

We've gotten absorbed in the "grandparent thing" to where that's pretty much been the rule with not many exceptions.  Our daughter and her husband couldn't be happier and are going to be super parents.

Our July was spent shuttling into Fairview Park (about 45 minutes from here) for either doctor appointments or visiting.  Starting on the last week of July for 3 weeks, Bethany, Kingsley and her boys (Buddy and Tucker) came out to us while their kitchen got remodeled.

We have had a few getaways.  We went over to Port Clinton for one of our friend's birthday celebration.  We went to Aurora for a Meet N Greet with Ohio Heartlanders.  My Mom came and visited for a week.  I went to Cross Creek Camping Resort for a weekend rally with Ohio Heartlanders.  We went back to Ashtabula for a quick evening to see some friends and I directed the Lakeside MB for Alumni Night.  As I said, more the exception than the rule.

Connie got back great results from her scans at the end of August.  Mostly stable with no significant progression of the cells.  So, we'll keep the 3 week treatments in and keep hoping for those kind of reports.

We're here until the end of September, then we'll head west towards Indiana for the Indiana Heartland Rally, and south for the North Texas Heartland Rally.  We're looking to be in Port Aransas by the middle of October for a couple of months of well deserved beach time.

Thanks for checking in!