Thursday, January 25, 2018

Medical Update 2018

Been a while since we have updated the medical information.  When last we left, we were dealing with back pain.  They did confirm that when the kyphoplasty was done, some cement dripped near the spinal nerve.  Doctor prescribed Gabapentin which has helped.

Fast forward to TX.  Dr. ordered a PET scan to check things out.  Unfortunately, it shows progression in the lungs.  Going to have to go back on the heavy chemo (taxatere).  😡

A brain MRI was also ordered.  Again, not good news.  New activity in the previous area with some new activity in additional places.  Meeting with radiation oncologist to go over options.

Not a candidate for radiation as I have had too many doses previously.  Dr. said they typically don't see a patient 3 times for this.

Radiation is a risk, surgery is a risk.  Waiting for more info to determine our next course of action.

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