Saturday, July 14, 2018

Strawpineade Rum Drink

Here's a recipe for a home made, cool refreshing blender drink.

First, I made a can of frozen lemonade of 64 oz.  I split that off, leaving me 32 oz. of straight lemonade in the blender (which has a max of 80 oz) and 32 oz in reserve for the 2nd batch.

I filled the empty lemonade can with Bacardi's Pineapple Rum and put it into the blender.

Next, I put 5 rings of pineapples plus a smidge of pineapple juice.  (Why 5?  because I had 10 and saved the other 5 for the second batch).

Now, the measurements get a little on your own. I added some frozen strawberries and ice cubes to get up to my max fill line.

Blended that all together and wasn't happy with the samples, so I added half a can (6 oz) of Pineapple Soda for a little fizz.

Perfect.  Enjoy.

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